Thursday, November 26, 2015

The 'Story Bowl'...

My Dad went to Tampa, FL, and came back with a Gift for me...
He Says it is a 'Story Bowl'.
I asked Dad, "What is a 'Story Bowl"?
Well– it is Something that I Just Made-Up... but See if you Like my Story.
You Can Make-Up your Very Own Story too, Ryan.

This Bowl is from Japan and it is Made of a Beautiful, Translucent Porcelain.
It is Very Pretty to Gaze Upon.
When I Saw this Bowl, I Thought of you, Ryan, because there is a
Happy Little Bear on the Inside Bottom of the Bowl.
This Bear is Carrying Cherries– and I Know that you Love to Eat Cherries...

Then I Looked at the Outside of the Beautiful Bowl and Saw that the 
Little Bear Fell Down and Spilled All of his Cherries.
He Looked Shocked and Surprised and Perhaps he was Sad, too.

I Know that you have had Accidents and Sometimes Bad Things have Happened to you...
so you have Experienced Those Feelings.

When I Turned the Bowl to Look at the Other Side, I Saw that this Little Bear
had Picked-Up All of his Spilled Cherries and he was So Happy
that he Was Rolling Around on the Ground with a Huge Smile on his Face!

Then I Thought about how After you Have Been Sad, you can Recover from your Saddness.
Sometimes you can Do Just a Little Thing (like quickly gather-up your spilled cherries), 
to Be Happy Again.
Sometimes, you Have to Wait Awhile to Be Happy 'Cause What Happened to you 
Can Not be So Easily Fixed.
Sometimes, you Just Have to Be Sad and That is O.K.
Then, Usually– after Awhile, Something Good Occurs and Life 'Feels Like' you've Gathered-Up your
Spilled Cherries and you Can Be Happy Again.

And at the Very Bottom of the Bowl I Saw a Joyous Little Bear who
Reminded me of How you are Usually So Happy and So Very Lively, Ryan.

 And Since this Little Bowl Had Pictures of Cherries on it...
I Thought that it Would be *Perfect* to Serve you your Favorite Treat–
Vanilla bean Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and a Cherry on it!

Thanks, Dad!
Thank you for the 'Story Bowl', and for the Story that you Told me.
Thank you for the Vanilla bean Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and a Cherry on it!

After I Eat my Ice Cream, I'm Going to Make-Up a Story About a Little Bear
who is Gathering-Up Cherries for his Friend, the Squirrel–
and how his Friend the Squirrel Helps Him Pick-Up the Cherries
After he Drops them. 
Then they Both Go and Hide the Cherries in the Big Tree where the Squirrel Lives
so that they Can Have Them to Eat in the Winter... and if they Both Work Hard Enough,
they can Save Enough Cherries to Share with their Other Friends and Have a Party!

Excellent Story, Ryan! 
Perhaps you Can Share your 'Story Bowl' with your Sister, Pinkie, and with your Friends?
And They Can Make-Up Their Own Stories with it!


Eric Tate said...

Lovely story about processing feelings, returning to a balanced/happy place, and using one's imagination to tell meaningful stories. Well done.

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