Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tree House Ryan

Oh– What a Wonderful Old Tree House, Ryan!

May I Climb Up Into it, Dad?
Yes, Ryan.  Mr. D. said that we Could Enjoy this Tree House While we are Visiting him.
He Built it 23 Years Ago for his Daughters who are now at College.
It was Extraordinarily Well-Built to Last so Very Long!

I Want to Climb Up, Dad.

You'll Have to Jump to Reach that First Rung of the Ladder, Ryan!
You Can Do It, Lad!

I'm Doing It , Dad!!! You were Right!
I CAN Do It!

Just a Little Bit More...

I'm There...


What's THAT, Dad?!

THAT is a Trap Door, Ryan!
Wait for me and I'll Open it Up for you...

I'll Never Get Up There by Myself, Dad!

Well– Just Ask and I Will Help you, Ryan.
There you Are, Buddy!

We Made it Up Into the Tree House, Dad!
Yes, we Did, Ryan.

That Trap Door was Difficult
and I Really Appreciate your Help, Daddy.
I'm Pleased to have Helped you, Ryan.

It's Very Nice Here, Dad.

Kind'a High Up Though!!

Really High Up, in Fact!

Oh Boy!
I Know What you Can Do!! Why Don't you Try 'Rapelling', Ryan?!
What's 'Rapelling', Daddy?
Here– I'll Show you––

Daddy Will Just Tie This Rope Around you in a Special Way...
...and you Leap Off Toward the Ground...
...and Daddy Will Control the Speed of your Descent...


You're KIDDING–– Aren't you, Daddy??!!
No– for REAL–– Try it!! I've Done it Before– It's FUN!!

You're SERIOUS????  Aren't you, Dad??!!
I Wouldn't Allow you to Come to Harm, Ryan. –You Know That...
Well–– That's TRUE, Dad.

So– I 'Just Climb Over This Railing'...
...then I Just Allow myself to Fall Downward...
...and I Can Count on you... (my Beloved Father)
to Make me Go Down Slowly So I Don't Get Hurt...
–– Right?!––

Since you Put it That Way...!

!!!!!  –––– AAAAAAHH –––– !!!!
!!!  ...EEEEEKK...  !!!

There, Ryan!!
I've Even Pulled you Back Up!!!
You Alright, Ryan??!!

Hey, Dad...!!
Yes, Ryan...
––Let's Do it AGAIN!!!––

That Was Fun, Dad!

It Was Thrilling, Actually!!!

I'm Glad you 'Trusted' me, Ryan.
...And your 'Trust' Allowed you to Have a Good Time...

Let's Make a Shadow 'Heart' for Mommy, Ryan...
That's Pretty, Daddy...!

I've Really Enjoyed Playing in this Old Tree

Come On–
Let's Go Down Now, Ryan...
...I've Got Something Nice For you...

How About if I Push you On This Swing for Awhile, Buddy??
–OH!  That Would Be NICE, Dad...


That Was Fun, Dad.

I Love This Old Tree...

...and Mr. D's Really Cool Tree House, too...

It is So Nice Enjoying the Sunset
After Our Tree House Adventure...
––Ah... One More Thing, Ryan..........!!!

Did I Mention That There is a 'Zip Line'????!!!!
!!!!!  –––– AAAAAAHH –––– !!!!
!!!  ...EEEEEKK...  !!!


Ajdin Adilovic said...

what a fun treehouse! That is a beary beautiful tree. I would like to build a treehouse of my own!

Unknown said...

the #peejayday edishun it out!

your in it!

Hammie Hamster said...

What a great treehouse!!!!!!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Thanks, Hammie! We Really Enjoyed the Play-time There! Wish you were With us!!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Thanks, Ajdin! We Loved the Experience! Wish you were With us on the Adventure!

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