Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The *Law of the West*

Would you Care for some Oolong Tea, Dog?
Yes– thank you, Pinkie!

We're Having a Tea Party!

Ryan– would you Like to Join us for some Tea?

Why, I do Thank you for the Invite Miss Pinkie,
I Really do– but I've got a Heap O' Work to Do Minding my Herd.
Perhaps Another day, M'am?

What... Shilo?  You don't Want Fresh Grass to Eat?
That's O.K. I've got a Bucket of Oats over Yonder.

The Girls are Really Going for those Fresh Oats!
Eat-up thar' Hortence, Jasmine and Serina!

Come on over, Flicka.
Come Join us for some Fresh Oats and New-Mown Grass.

What are you Young Foals Getting Into, there?
Y'all Git'! Roaming Around inside the Grainary is Not Allowed! 

O.K. everyone... Enjoy your Breakfast!

That Looks like Fun, Ryan!
May we Please Play with you and with your Fine Herd of Horses?

Why, Yes M'am, Miss Pinkie. 
You and the Young'uns may Certainly Mingle with my Herd.

 Pinkie– I'm Going Out for a Little While
to Find Forage for the Horses and the Foals.

🎵...Bringing in the Sheaves....🎵

🎶... – Bringing in the Sheaves – ... 🎶
I'm Coming with your Delicious Fresh Fodder, Horsies...!

* ––– !??! ––– *

*** ––– !????! ––– ***

How LONG was I Gone?????

???  Wha–––  ???

!??  –Why–  ??!

What's the Matter, Ryan?

Yeah– what's Up, Ryan??

What have you Done to my Western Town and to my Horses and Foals???

While you were Gone, Ryan, we 'Improved' some things...!

I got rid of your Grass and your Oats 
and the Horses and Foals have New Feed...!

It's *Magical Faerie Hay*, Ryan!!!
It will Help them FLY!!!!

... And then we Dressed Up the Horses and the Foals so that they would Look Pretty...
Don't they Look Pretty, dear Brother??

...And since your Herd looked so Good – 
we Decided to Gussy-Up the Sheriff's Office, the Blacksmith's and the Feed Store too.
Watch'a Think, Ryan??

... ––Uh–– ...  I'll Be Right Back, Pinkie–– ...

...  –– !!! !!! –– ...

Let me Introduce myself, M'am.
––I'm the Sheriff in these here parts...
and I've Got Something I'd Like to Discuss with you...

Why, yes, Mr. Sheriff...
what would you Like to Talk to me About?

M'am...–– you see...–– it's about the Horses and Foals in Town...
Now, normally, our Horses and Foals go around with just their Natural Coats on...
...and sometimes a Saddle with a Saddle Blanket... and a Bridal with Shiny Silver, maybe...
––but they Do Not Wear Colorful Dresses and Scarves and Jewlery!  No M'am!! They Just Don't!

Is that *The Law*, Mr. Sheriff??
No, M'am–– that is just the 'Usual and Customary' around these here parts
of the Country, M'am.
Well, Mr. Sheriff––.  Just you Hold on Here a few Minutes, please... ––I'll Be Right Back.

...  –– !!! !!! –– ...

Allow me to Introduce myself––.
I'm the MAYOR of this Town, Mr. Sheriff.

And I Have Something Here with me
that I'd Like to Share with you, Mr. Sheriff.

By the Full Faith Placed in me by the *Majority of the Citizens* of this Town
and Under Full Strength of the Local Laws 
I Hereby and Henceforth and Hitherto and Hereafter and Here-to-for Issue this Proclamation...

Why... ––––  my Gosh ...!!
It's... ––it's... *The Law of the West* !!!

...  –– !!! !!! –– ...

Madam Mayor..., and Good Citizens of this Town...,
as Sheriff, I am Pledged to *Uphold the Law* in this here Part of the Country 
and That is What I Shall Do!

We'll Go Forward–– Together–– into a *New Future* in this Town...
where Horses (and their Foals) can Dress as they Wish
... and the 'Usual and Customary' is now Replaced by
*The Law of the West*

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