Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas is Sharing

What'cha doing, Pinkie?
I'm going to Color, Ryan. 

Would you Like to Color with me in my New Coloring Book 
that I got for Christmas?
Sure, Pinkie!  Thank you Very Much!

Which Picture would you Like to Color, Ryan?
Well– I like the Outdoors, so I'd Like to Color the Picture
with the Deer in it.

O.K., Ryan.  Here you go.  

Thanks, Pinkie!

I'm Going to Color the Picture of the Ballerinas– since I Like to Dance.

Kids– you had better Put Down some Paper
or Mom will be Upset if you Get Paint on the Table...

Thanks, Dad!  


Do-do-do... de-de-dee...

Do-do... do-de-dee-dee...

Dee-dee-dee... de dum...
How's it Going, Ryan?
Great, Dad!

How 'bout you, Pinkie?
Splendid, Dad!  My Ballerinas are Looking Beautiful in their Tutus

This is Fun, Pinkie!

Thanks for Sharing
One of your Christmas Gifts with me!


Jerry and Ben said...

You both did a great job and your pictures look beary terrific! Sharing a project with a friend can be beary fun! Happy New Year!

Ajdin Adilovic said...

You are terrific artists! Happy New Year! Let's see some more art in 2014 :)

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice artwork!