Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daddy, Pinkie, and Ryan's Halloween Surprise!

Daddy– I want to Make Something for Pinkie this Halloween. I want it to be a Surprise! 

Will you Please Help me to Build a Haunted House?

Mommy Gave me this Kit to Build a Haunted House.

Look! We've Built the Walls!

And Now the Roof is Built!

Thank you, Daddy, for Painting-In the Door and the Windows.

SURPRISE, Ryan! I have Built This Natural Background for Your Haunted House! 
I Think that it Will Help you to Make a Very Nice Halloween Gift for Pinkie. 
You are Being Very Sweet to Your Sister.

Daddy– it is FUN to Do Something Nice for Someone!

I Hope that Pinkie Likes it.

I Believe that she will Like it, Ryan. 
You have Worked So Hard and So Neatly on your Surprise Gift for your Sister.

We Better Clean-Up our Mess, Ryan. I will Help you.

PINKIE ––!! I have a SURPRISE for you!!

OH MY GOSH, Pinkie!!! You SURPRISED ME With your Beautiful Halloween Costume!!! 
You are a Scarecrow! I Don't Think that the Birds would Be Too Scared of you, Pinkie... are a Pretty Scarecrow!!!

Awww, Ryan...! You are the Nicest Brother EVER!! :o)

We Hope that YOU Have a Happy Halloween!

Oh–– and... * BOO *––!!!    ;o)


Hammie Hamster said...

We don't do halloween, but at Harr's school there is a halloween party tonight. I like building houses like that, sometimes I make them during the Christmas holiday. Nice to see you two again! Have a nice weekend!

Jerry and Ben said...

Wow, that's a beary nice and spooky halloween house! you did a great job Ryan!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Great house Ryan! You have some wonderful adventures!

Feronia said...

How nice of you, Ryan! That's a great house :)

Neoguest said...

A creepy and tasty house. You didn't eat much candy on Halloween Ryan ?