Sunday, May 6, 2012

High Fly'n Ryan

Daddy – do Bears Fly?
I Believe that you can do Anything that you put your Mind to, Ryan.

You used to Fly, Didn't you, Daddy?

Yes, Ryan.  I took Flying Lessons a Long Time Ago.

And Last Year, I Flew in a Friend's Plane – a Royal New Zealand Air Force Fighter Trainer!

May I take Flying Lessons too, Daddy?
Well – you can Start by getting to Know some Basic Information about How Planes Fly, Ryan.
Let's go to the Library and Ask about Airplanes...

Just like we Researched about Fossils, Daddy? 
Yes, Ryan.  Exactly like that.  
You learned a lot and then you had a Thrilling Adventure Using Information we Learned from Books.
We can go Tomorrow Morning – it's a Saturday and my Day-Off.  
Now Please Get Ready for Bed, Ryan.