Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ryan's White Christmas!

Ryan.  Dog.  It Snowed!




You've Got To Eat a Good Breakfast before you Play! 

I wanna' Go Out!

I'll Come With you, Ryan.  
It's Cold Enough to Wear Mommy's Ear-Muffs!

Wow, Dog!  It's Amazing!

Careful, Dog– the Snow is DEEP!

I wanna' Go First!!

Dog??  Dog????!!

I Hope you Learned your Lesson!
What?  You want to Build a Snow Cave?

I'll Help you Dig a Snow Cave.

Dog is Really Good at Digging!

This is Nice, Dog!  Cozy!

Let's Go Sliding!

Wow!  This is Steep!

Wanna' Ride with me Dog?

It's 'Safer' with Two!! 
 (I Think!)

Wheeeee – – Doggie!!!

You're Doing Fine, Dog!

Doing it All By Yourself?  
You're Very Brave!

Time to Come In, Guys– and Warm Up with Some Hot Spiced Tea.

We Wish You a Very Merry Christmass!

And a Happy New Year!

We Hope that you Enjoy these Olde Tyme Videos from the U.S.A.


Hammie Hamster said...

Merry christmas to you and your family Ryan!!

Beanie Mouse said...

Oh what fun!!! Did you see Bob T Bear's Sleigh?!?!?!!! He didn't get that much snow though...! Happy Christmas!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Merry Christmas to All of My Friends Around the World!

My Sister, Pinkie, and I, (and our Mommy and Daddy) Wish you Peace and Contentment in Pursuing your Dreams!!

Feronia said...

A very merry Christmas to you and your family, Ryan, and happy days in 2012!

Jerry and Ben said...

Happy New Year Ryan! Your new photos are great! Hope you have a wonderful 2012! Your pals, Jerry and Ben