Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ryan's New iBook! :o)

Ryan, a sweet teddy bear, is just Not Happy! 
He had to take a bath the night before and he hates taking a bath and this is coloring his World the next day. 
Let's see how Ryan handles the fact that he is Not Happy.

This Story is now Available through ( on your and your Friend's iPad. 
Daddy says that our $4 we get is for my Clothes, Housing, and Education.

Please be Very Careful... the Order Button for the ( iBook is Up at the TOP RIGHT... please do Not order a 'real' book as the shipping costs are Outrageous!!!

Good Night, Friends  :o)
Gute Nacht, Freunde • Bonne nuit, les amis
Goede nacht, vrienden • Buona notte, amici
Boa noite, amigos • Buenas noches, amigos
Спокойной ночи, друзья • Dobrou noc, přátelé
良い友人 • 晚安,朋友 

G'nite Pinkie. G'nite, Dog. G'nite, Kitty. G'nite, Pooh. G'nite, Pinkie's kitty. G'nite, Pinkie's Doggie. G'nite Pinkie's Unicorn. G'nite Mommy. G'nite Daddy.... G'nite Ryan. G'nite, Kitty. G'nite Doggie. G'nite Unicorn. G'nite Ryan's Dog. G'nite Ryan's Kitty. G'nite Ryan's Pooh. G'nite Mommy. G'nite Daddy.... Can I have a drink of water?.... Your Kitty Farted!...   I think that was your Kitty...


Jerry and Ben said...

Wow Ryan, you have your own book! That's so beary cool! We're proud of you!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Thank you, Jerry and Ben! You guys should have a Book also. Your Photographs are Wonderful! :o)

Hammie Hamster said...

Perhaps I can persuade Harr to get it for me/us on our new I pad!!! Hope you sell a lot of copy's!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW that's so cool!!!!

Hehehehe yeah kittys do fart. Yu shud be downwind to wun ov Mr Scooter's! Hehehe!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Did I make yu jump?