Monday, January 3, 2011

Pinkie Has a Birthday!

It's Early– Very Early– but Pinkie is Wide-Awake for her Birthday

A Birthday Cup Cake for Breakfast!  Yum!!!  Thanks Mommy!  Thanks Daddy!

Her Birthday Cup Cake is the Prettiest she has Ever Seen!

…and Just Look at these Prettily Wrapped Gifts!  

Ryan is Invited to Pinkie's Birthday Party...

…but Stay Far Away from my Presents, Ryan!

Pinkie says: "I am 'Princess-of-the-Day' here, Everybody!"

Hmmm… Eat First or Open Presents First…?


I'll just Look At my Birthday Card while I'm Deciding…

I'm 1 Year Old– but Remarkably Precocious, say Mommy and Daddy.

I see that Everybody Loves Me… of Course they Do!

What Could this Be?

Ooohh!  It's a Pretty Pink Clock!

It's from Me, Pinkie – I'm Glad you Like it!

What's That Gift, Pinkie?

Its my Very Own Jewelry Box – See How Very, Very Beautiful I Look in It, Ryan?!

Yes–  Rather Alluring, I'd Say!  
Pinkie– That Gift is from Daddy.
Quite Alluring– yes…!  Were you Saying Something, Daddy?  –What did you Say?
… (sigh!)

Pinkie– the Next Gift is from Mommy.

It's a Music Box shaped like a Christmas Tree… it Plays 4 Different Christmas Songs 'cause your Birthday is so Very Near Christmas!
The Music Sounds Lovely, Mommy!

There's one more Gift Pinkie!  
I helped Mommy and Daddy Pick It Out for You!

Oh!  It's my Princess Pony… Yes–– my Princess Pony's name will be 'Lillibeth'.  Her Name Sounds Pretty– like Flowers.  Lillibeth and I can be Very Pretty Together.  She is a Pretty Princess Pony and I am a Pretty Princess, of Course!

Let's Eat now, Pinkie.  We'll cut your Cup Cake in Half and you and Ryan May Share it.
O.K. –But I get the Half with the Golden Ball, Daddy.

Thank you for Sharing, Pinkie!  Your Birthday Cup Cake and Ice Cream Look Delicious!

You're Quite Welcome, Ryan.  
Princess Pinkie will Share her Birthday Cup Cake and her Birthday Ice Cream with you.

After All– I am a Princess Who has Received Many Fine Gifts– 
I can share SOME of my Birthday Treats –– I Suppose ––.

Happy 1st Birthday, Princess Pinkie… from Mommy, Daddy and Ryan. 

You are a Very Lucky Girl, Pinkie.  
You have a Birthday AND Santa comes in the Same Week!

Ho! Ho! Ho!   Pinkie and Ryan


Neoguest said...

Happy birthday Pinkie.

Buttons the Bear said...

Happy Birthday Pinkie! Your Birthday cupcake was beautiful! Did it taste as good as it looked?

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Pinkie says: Yes, Buttons. My Birthday Cup Cake Tasted Delicious! I told Daddy that we should have Cup Cakes like that Every Day. He said No– it wouldn't feel 'Special' then.

Jerry and Ben said...

Happy Birthday Pinkie (and Hi to Ryan too)!!

Hammie Hamster said...

Happy birthday Pinkie! That cake with the rose is lovely! I like the picture where we see your face in the mirror!

Cassidy said...

That is darling. I love the cupcake!

Michael TheMonkey said...

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WendyCarole said...

belated happy birthday Pinkie what a wonderful time you had

peterbear said...

A little too late, but still; better late than never : happy birthday Pinkie !! It looks like you had a wonderful day : lots of pressies, cake, ...
Hugs to you and Ryan,
Peter & the bears

sosomonotone said...

It was a nice birthday party !

Manna said...

i know i came very late. but happy bday PINKIE ... i wish you happy life with RYAN and your mum and dad.