Thursday, November 25, 2010

Arise! –Sir Ryan of Bear Haven!


Oh–!  The Medieval Faire!  'Tis the Day of Which I've Long Dreamed!

For in my Heart I Know… that I Shall Be Made a Knight this Day!

Bears are Well-Honored Here, I See –– a Good Omen, Indeed!

Oh–!  Gallant Knight!  Soon, I Shall Be As Thee!

We were Greeted by Those who Sang…

And Those who Told Stories… 

And Those who Performed Mighty Acts of Cunning

Here were Those who Proposed Games to be Played

But… Most Importantly… there were Those Who Make Swords and Knives!

For I came as a Young Squire – with my Sword...

And with my Shield... and with Wonder at What-Was-To Come.

My Daddy Gifted me with a Very Fine Knife. I Felt So Grand!

We Strolled About and Met Those who did Trade and Those who did Craft

I met Ladies with Whom I Sat 

And then a Man whom for Food would Prat and Prat...

Preposterous Plays Put-On by Play-Acting Players... 

...Pleased Papa

I was Amused Also…

We Stopped to See Fossils (of which I am quite fond) 

And then to the Jousts –  an Exciting Event!
On Our Way – We Met these Germans, Practicing their Swordsmanship!

We Saw Beautiful Ladies upon their Fine Horses

Then there was a Game.. a Serious Game… in Which Knights Must Capture Three Rings with Their Spears Whilst Riding their Thundering War Horses!  

There were Oh-So-Brave Knights ready to Fight (to impress the Ladies, says Daddy)

There were Many Battles.

Lances were Broken.  Knights were Brave!

They even Fought Hand-To-Hand

After the Jousts, we Walked.  I Sought Consul with Knights… about What-Was-to-Be

A New Friend consoled: "Don't Worry Ryan"  It Shan't be So Baaaaa-aad"
(His Dad, Will-ie-Bay, owns the 'Lamb-Wow!' booth at the Faire)  "Lamb-Wow!  It's 4 Ewe!"

I met many Brave Men who said: "Fear Not, Squire" and "Drink This".

These Interesting Men Proffered me Yet More Libation to Soothe my Spirit...  Lots of People wanted me to Share their Beer.  Some of the Beers tasted like Apple Cider – that was Good!  We Bears like Apple Cider!

...and even a Few Ladies Proffered me Kisses Steel my Nerves, they Said (yikes!)

I Found my Champion – who would Introduce me to the King

Finally, I Knelt before the King. He said: "Squire Ryan – By the Order of St. George of the Dragon, I hereby...

... Knight thee 'Sir Ryan' of Bear Haven" – and he Touched his Holy Sword to my Right and to my Left Shoulder. I am So Honored!

I was Lifted Above the Crowd and It Was Proclaimed: 
"Here Be Sir Ryan of Bear Haven!"  
"Good People – Give Him Honor!"
 "Huzzah! – Huzzah!" …Arose from the Crowd – as My Heart Swelled with Joy and Delight

To Celebrate my Knighting… Dad said that I Might Ride the Fearsome Centrifugal Beast!

Yes – indeed I was '…This Tall…' – for I was a Knight!

They Sat this Honored Knight in a Fine Chair…
Then they Said "Just You Wait There"

I was Not Worried… for I was Brave

And then the Men Started the Infernal Machine!

With Might and with Fright they Caused Us to Spin!  
Oh–!  What a Ride!  

I was Nearly Done-In!

It was a Long and a Memorable Day!
Yet, Try as I Might… the Draughts of Meade and the Swirl of Memories and the Enchanted Kisses have Weakened this Knight…

Though Brave – as Sir Ryan of Bear Haven is Certainly Brave… I begin to Succumb to that Mighty Mistress that overcomes even the Bravest of Knights…

Our Lady of Sleep gently Drops Her Veil…Over… Me………..  

'nite Knight!


Anonymous said...

Sir Ryan,
we loved your dashing story.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call having fun !!
Nice one, Ryan or should I say sir Ryan
Waiting for more of your wonderful Adventures
Say Hello to daddy
Happy ThanksGiving
A. Waheed :)

Beanie Mouse said...

You must be related to that guy Sir Tony from the Black shield of Falworth!!!!!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

'Tis a Good Story indeed, my Lady! I shall Always Fight on the Side of Truth, of Justice, and of the Pretty Girl.

Beanie Mouse said...

Yup, you're related to Sir Tony!!!

Buttons the Bear said...

Congratulations on your knighting Sir Ryan of Bear Haven. What a day of adventure, a day like that would make me tired too.

Hope you had a great Turkey Day!

Hammie Hamster said...

Wow! That is a great story! G. collects books about King Arthur so I hear a lot of things about knights too! I love the story about King Arthur and his knights of the round table!

Marlowe said...

That looks like a grand day!

Beanie Mouse said...

The Round Table?? Andrea says she's seen that - it's in a town called Winchester which is near where we live!!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Awwww.... thanks everyone! We had Fun. I was So Honored! I am Still All Excited! ...'Sir Ryan' of Bear Haven... (sigh) I'll try to be a Just Knight and Fair and Genteel.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW wat a grayte day yu had an wat a grayte owtfit! Of corse yu ar brayve, yu ar a Bear!!!! All Bears do brayve!

I wish I had been thare wiv yu, but I wuddent hav brort Dilly- weed never hav herd the larst of it, wiv all thoze prinsess dresses arownd!!

I like the horsey fotoes. I kwite like horseys. From far away is best tho as thare mowths ar bigger than me.

I sor that sum ov the laydeez had big boobeez hehehehehehehehhahahaha I wonder if they hav Bears?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey Sir Ryan! How ar yu????

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Hi, Bob! Since you are a Friend of mine – let me tell you a Secret: Ever since I was Knighted, Bob, I've been Sleeping with my Knight's outfit Beside me in my Bed. Sometimes I have Dreams –– Some Good Dreams and Some Bad Dreams (of Dragons). I'm Scared sometimes. But I'm a Knight now. Are all Knights sometimes Scared?