Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watch Out for that Crack!

Look, Mommy!  I'm trying-out my Birthday Roller Skates, Mommy!
Oh– Ryan!  Watch out for that Crack!  







What happened?

You O.K., Ryan???  

Yeah, Mommy.  Just a Little Surprised.
Well, get up and Try Again... 

…just watch out for that Crack, Ryan!!!  


Sullivan McPig said...

Ouch. I hope you didn't hurt yourself too much.

Buttons the Bear said...

Aye, you are a brave bear Ryan. Alas, where be your helmet lad? Bee careful, looks like loads of fun.

It's hard to speak like a pirate when commenting on roller skating. Come see mee pirate video posting.

Marlowe said...

My mom will only let me roller skate around the living room. Sigh. You're a very lucky bear!

Neoguest said...

Must had hurt a bit, at least you're okay.

Hammie Hamster said...

Great rollerskates! Please take good care of yourself while you do your new sport!