Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Buggy, Buggy Night

Watch as Ryan and his Friend, Dog, Relax and Play with Ryan's really Neat-o Candy!

Look, Ryan.  Look at the Pretty Designs the Setting Sun is Making on our Floor.

There is Your Wicker Chair, Ryan.  Let's Move it Over a Bit.

Now– There is Your Wicker Chair and Mommy's Pretty Cut-Glass Door.

Isn't the Sky Pretty as the Sun begins to Set?

Nightfall will Soon be here, Ryan.

Daddy?  Since it's Getting Darker, May I Please Open my New Candy Tonight?
Sure, Ryan.  Soon it will begin to get Dark and you will be able to have Fun with your New Candy. 

Look, Daddy.  There is a Tool inside!
Yes, Ryan.  You use it to pick up the Candy Bugs.

Let's ask Dog to come Play, too, Daddy.

What do You Think about My new Lightning Bug Candy, Dog?

You're not so Sure that you Would Eat Lightning Bugs, Dog?

Dog wants to Watch from Behind me Daddy.  I think that he is a little bit Scared.

Don't be Afraid, Dog.  It's just Candy that Lights Up!

When I Squeeze this Tool it Lights Up My Candy Bugs.

It's Fun!

Tastes Sweet!  It Does Not Taste Like Bugs at All!

Here Dog, try one Without the Light.

Now, Try it With the Light.  Here Dog, I'll Hold it for You!

Give it a Lick, Dog.  See?  Lightning Bug Candy doesn't Hurt!

My Lightning Bug Candy is Delicious!

You are holding it yourself, Dog.  I see that You Like Lightning Bug Candy now.

Dog, It's getting Dark. 

Real Dark!

I Think we Need need a Light!

Let's Eat MORE Lightning Bug Candy in the Dark!


Eric Tate said...

Cute! I liked the one where Dog wants to watch from behind. Made me chuckle out loud. Thanks for sharing. Send this to the company who makes it!

Buttons the Bear said...

That looks like fun! Glad Dog got over his fear of the bugs.

Marlowe said...

How do those work?! Does the tweezers have a light in them? That is really cool! You're lucky to get them!

Hammie Hamster said...

Those are some real cool sweats Ryan! Never saw those before! Have you eaten them all or did you save some to have a little light in the dark?

Beanie Mouse said...

those are FUN!!! Hope you get over to England next year!! We could have our own Teddy Bear Pick Nick somewhere!!!