Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daddy – It's a Beach-y Day – Can we Go?

Daddy – It's a Beach-y Day – Can we Go?  –Please?
Sure, Ryan.  We can go to the Beach today.

Do we have all our Beach Stuff, Ryan?  Beach Umbrella, Cooler with Food and Drinks,
your Beach Towel, my Beach Towel, Toys, and our Floats –– are we O.K.?

Here we are.  South Lido Park – my Favorite Beach.

We will walk North East, Ryan – for about a Quarter-mile.  

Oh, Daddy!  I am enjoying this Beach-y Day!

You could do that in the Water, Ryan.  Let me blow up a Float for you.

This is So Very Nice, Daddy!  The Water is rocking me Up and Down… Up and Down.

Duckie is having a Good Time, too!

Ryan?  Why don't you come in to Shore now and build a Sand Castle?  I'll help you.

Let's Practice, first, Ryan.  Put sand into a bucket and then turn it over to make a nice Castle Shape.

Daddy– something is Wrong!  My sand is Falling Apart.

I think that we will have to Add Water to this sand to make it Stick Together, Ryan.  

Here.  We can use this  watering can that we brought – like this…

But, first… let's Work Together and build a Large Flat Base for our Walls and our Towers to sit upon.
You are Doing Great, Ryan–– Helping to make a Nice, Flat Base with your new Grader Tool.

Daddy!  The Water Helped!  The sand is Sticking Together.  I made my First Sand Castle Tower, Daddy!

Daddy.  It's Nice.  Our Sand Castle is getting Bigger and Bigger!

I like our Walls and Towers, Daddy.  This is Fun! 

This is your First Sand Castle, Ryan.  Did you Enjoy yourself?

I Did, Daddy!  I really Enjoyed playing in the Sand and building a Sand Castle with you.

Let's take a Break, Daddy.  I need to Rest a little bit.  

Look, Daddy.  Boats!

They're coming to Shore!

May I Please sit on your Boat, Sir?

What a Nice Boat you have, Sir.

I Wish we had a Boat, Daddy.
Well, Ryan– we don't have a Boat… but we Do have a Float!  Go try it out.

Look, Daddy!  I see a Shell!

That was Fun.  I liked the Float.
–But I still Wish we had a Boat.

Sorry, Ryan.  We can not have a Boat right now.  
Mommy and Daddy are Saving for a New Roof for our Home.

Our Home is like Building your Castle, Ryan.  We have to Work Hard on it.

I Understand, Daddy.  But I still Wish we had a Boat.
Let's play with Your Toy Boat, Ryan.

I think I'll lie down now, Daddy.


I'm Glad we live near a Beach!

It's Relaxing.



Let's go Home Ryan.  We had a Nice Beach-y Day, didn't we?


Beanie Mouse said...

I Love your Sand Castle and I love your Duckie!!!! They're great!!!

Buttons the Bear said...

You are so lucky to live near a beach!
Nice swim trunks, I think my dad used to have some like those.
Did you get all the sand out of your fur?

Hammie Hamster said...

Oooh, what a nice trip! We love the beach too!!! Very nice pictures!

Marlowe said...

I like all your beach toys-- especially the turtle. He looks kind of like Crush from the movie Finding Nemo!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We have to go on vacations and leave home for a while to go to the beach. Of course, up here we call it going "donna shore." You have such great stuff to take with you, and love the trunks! Also, loved the rubber duckie!

We made a drip sandcastle on the beach once. It took half an hour and was only 4 inches high! We never had the cool castle block making thingy. You have beary cooperative water. Ours has waves that would knock us over before we got out far enough to lie on a raft. You have such cool rafts! Why do you need a boat?

But, if you ever want to come on a boat, we have a helioplaneship boxcar. To people, it looks like a box. But, in Teddy Bear World, it converts into a heliocopter, plane, a hydrofoil boat, a yacht, and a car. Come on up and visit. But, all you need to have your own is some imagination and Teddy Bear magic, and you can make your own, the next time your Daddy or Mommy gets a cool box in the mail.

Beary, beary exciting post you have here. Thanks. (And, yeah. We understand about fixing roofs, too. That's where our vacation money went. kehehehehe)

lostteddybear said...

WOW! What an awesome time you had at the beach! I love going to the beach too!!
Jed (you new friend on facebook)