Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teacher & Parent Study Guides now available for selected stories:

Please use the 'Contact the Author' link at top of Blog page to obtain Study Guides for two stories... more on the way.

This is a new feature and I would Prefer Feedback and Comment in exchange for access to the Study Guides.  As always... everything is 'Free' –just asking for useful feedback.

Please Refer Ryan to anyone in the Education Community / Library/Librarian Community / the Physically Disabled Community (Ryan was born with a 'club foot', yet he does not allow that to Stop him) / the Ministerial Community / and the Early-Childhood Development Community.

We will also be dealing with the issue of Loss of Parent/s when Ryan has 50 Followers of his Blog.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daddy – It's a Beach-y Day – Can we Go?

Daddy – It's a Beach-y Day – Can we Go?  –Please?
Sure, Ryan.  We can go to the Beach today.

Do we have all our Beach Stuff, Ryan?  Beach Umbrella, Cooler with Food and Drinks,
your Beach Towel, my Beach Towel, Toys, and our Floats –– are we O.K.?

Here we are.  South Lido Park – my Favorite Beach.

We will walk North East, Ryan – for about a Quarter-mile.