Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ryan's 3rd Birthday

Good morning, Ryan! Wake up – today is a Very Special day.

What's Special about today, Daddy?

It's your Birthday! Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Oh, Daddy! Oh, Mommy! I'm Surprised!

Yummy! I never get Cupcakes and Ice Cream for Breakfast.
Everything is Delicious! –And my plate has a Duckie on it!
Oh, thank you for this Surprise!

There are Presents, Ryan, for your Birthday

Oh! Thank you Mommy and Daddy.

Look and see what you've gotten

It's a Radio! Is it a 'real' Radio, Daddy?
Yes. It is a real Radio, Ryan. – Listen

Oh, it sounds so nice

It is your very own Radio, Ryan.
Now you and Dog can listen to soft music in your bed before you fall asleep.

There's More!

A really big Book! Mommy can read it with me!

Look! Someone made a mess here.

It's a story about a Mouse, Ryan. It is a Mouse that gets loose in a House.
On every page of the book you have to Find the Mouse.
But you have to Find the Real Mouse – there are Lots of Mouse Objects –
but only one Real Mouse!

Look, Mommy! Look, Daddy! I caught the Mouse!

Ryan, we can read the book later. There are Games to play.

This game is called Pin-the-tail on the Donkey

I can do this, Daddy. It's easy.

You have to put on this mask, Ryan. No peeking!

Daddy, this is Hard. I cant't see. Did I do it o.k.?

Try again, Ryan. A little more to the right.

You did it!

Let's all read your new Book together, Ryan. Dog can read along with us

Happy Birthday to you, Ryan. Happy Birthday to you.


Neoguest said...

Happy 3rd Birthday

Marlowe said...

Happy birthday!

Buttons the Bear said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Today was my grandma's birthday too!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Thank you Marlowe, Neoguest and Buttons, for your birthday greetings! I had a nice birthday with surprising gifts... especially my new bear-sized table top radio!