Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Airplane Ride

I've never been
on an Airplane before

We are Waiting
I'm tired of Waiting–
I want to Go! Mommy is Waiting for me

This is our Gate
Daddy says we go through the Gate to get onto our Plane

I'm inside a Plane! There's lots of Seats
We have our own Seat by a Window

Time to Fly now
I'm Scared!
Daddy put my Seat Belt on for me

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ryan's Big Surprise!

Wait in the chair, Ryan, said Mommy.
I have a Big Surprise for you today!

O.K., Ryan. Come look in your bedroom, said Mommy.

Daddy and I have a Big Surprise for you!

Oh!, said Ryan. Oh, gosh!

Oh, Look!
Mommy, It's a new bed!
Daddy, it's a new bed!

My new bed is a big bed. My new big bed fits all my animal friends.
It fits Dog. It fits Fireman Duckie. It fits Pooh. It fits Swimming Duckie. It fits Turtle.
It even fits Dog's ball! What a big new bed!